Uhh I am not dead yet! Enjoy the next chapter of Team Medical Dragon!

Well, hopefully, everyone had a nice Summer–whether going on vacation or just resting. We’re back in business with chapter 67 of Cesare!
To those who sent e-mails, I’ll get to them sometime in the week, please be patient with me ^^;

Tada! Finally, after more than a year since the last story, we have a chapter of Hyakkiyakou Shou for you. So sorry for the long wait! Starting next story we got a new translator (thank you, Stella!) willing to help with this series–well, hopefully we didn’t scare her off with the delaying of this release. The rest of volume 8 shouldn’t take as long, promise!
AND of course another chapter of Cesare!
Enjoy your Summer, everyone~

Next chapter of Cesare up for everyone’s reading pleasure~

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