Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry we didn’t deliver as many chapters of all our series as supposed to but as I got busier with work right after Summer vacations I kind of didn’t feel like editing scans and stuff, and since I’m the main editor here…
I guess my new year’s resolution is to be more productive than last year, at least :d

Enjoy Cesare 70! One more chapter left to complete volume 8~

Today we release the Chapter 81 the last chapter of Team Medical Dragon Volume 10. This release will end our work on Team Medical Dragon after working on it for 6 years. We have bittersweet feelings about this but we ended up deciding it was best for our staff and hope you all understand. We hope you have enjoyed Team Medical Dragon and will continue to enjoy releases from ETC.

Well, last day (hours) of November, so not breaking my promise this time ;d

Sorry for the delay! Got in one those editing slumps… But next chapter is on its way and should see the day by the end of the month, promise!
Enjoy the Pazzi conspiracy reminiscing :d

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