Let’s all wish a happy birthday to run who translates Cesare (and more!) for all of us :D
A very belated chapter of Kemono no Souja to celebrate it. Another series that we work on, yes, yes… ^^; (special sorry to Joey who delivered the cleaned pages a long time ago; Conner & kure are already familiar with my procrasting self)

Woops, time flied by again… Long time no release.
New chapter of Cesare out now~

Will, uh, try to motivate myself in editing a bit more during my free hours next month. And reply to some e-mails. Really…

Yep! that old…

We only managed to finish 3 chapters of Cesare but that’s not so bad, right?
Completing volume 8 and starting volume 9 right now! Volume 11 has been recently released in Japan so we’re not so far behind; never despair~
If you’re lucky maybe we’ll have a few more stuff for your reading pleasure next week but no guarantees since I’m really short on free time this month.

Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry we didn’t deliver as many chapters of all our series as supposed to but as I got busier with work right after Summer vacations I kind of didn’t feel like editing scans and stuff, and since I’m the main editor here…
I guess my new year’s resolution is to be more productive than last year, at least :d

Enjoy Cesare 70! One more chapter left to complete volume 8~

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