Well, duh, I lied again. Didn’t get much done during March and just now releasing a chapter of Cesare! Please enjoy the start of volume 8~
Other stuff being worked on as well so more chapters out this month for sure this time ;P

Whew, we’re still alive after more than a decade since our debut! Not as active as we would like but hey, we’re hanging in there.
We were supposed to start some releases on Monday but I was busy procrastinating ;P

In any case, here’s a one-shot from Aiji YAMAKAWA that was published in bianca magazine; we were waiting for a compiled volume of her one-shots because that’s way easier to edit from (and also because the author tends to add some drawings with the finalized version) but it turns out this story was added as an extra in Stand Up! vol.2.
02/19: Chotto dake Zeitaku na Jikan o

We’ll have a few more chapters for you throughout the rest of February… whenever they get done!
…*cough* or not.
To be continued in March!

Wooo three birthday releases in a row! Today we celebrate Ink’s birthday (I won’t mention how old she is so she doesn’t kill me) with the release of Team Medical Dragon 78 and 79! Enjoy~

We’ve been quiet for a few months and didn’t release anything for Christmas or even the New Year but we’re not missing kure’s bday, kay :P
Let’s enjoy the end of Cesare’s volume 7 and wish a happy birthday to kurenai~

That said, we’re sorry for the lack of releases lately. It seems 10 years of scanlating had been taxing.
We don’t intend to go away yet, though; still plenty of volumes to work on. Slowly getting back on track, especially since it’ll be our 11th anniversary next month already ;]

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